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Calling all fatties...

    Let’s face it. We are a nation of fatties! I mean exactly what I am saying. Fatties, fatsos, piggies, chubbies and excessive overeaters. We don’t know how to keep our mouths shut.

     We are literally what we eat.

    To prove this, the Center of Disease Control came out with their latest numbers on our fat nation. Two thirds of American adults are overweight and one third is considered obese! And if that isn’t bad enough, over the past two years we have successfully added 2.4 million more people to the high ranking fatties’ category. Wow, if that doesn’t get your blood pressure up, obesity certainly will.

    This is no laughing matter. Being overweight leads to many diseases and health problems, not to mention psychological and emotion stress. It doesn’t take a scientist to figure out that if we are junking up the system, the end result is not going to be pretty.

    Well, my Skinny Ass Munchkins, I have a simple solution. Shut your mouth and start using your head instead. We are supposedly the most intelligent creatures on earth. We have a brain to think, to reason and to use discretion. Unless you have a note from your doctor, you have no excuse to be overweight except you have chosen to be so. I don’t buy into the addiction stuff either. I am addicted to food too, we all are. We have to eat to live, no question about it. But the engine doesn’t run better because you overflow the gas tank or put dirt into it.

    So why is it that every living thing in our universe has the innate ability to know how much and what they should eat in order to maintain optimal functioning and we don’t? We call them animals and us the intelligent race…gives you pause doesn’t it?

    I have an answer for that too. Because we are gluttons. Because we don’t think. Because we want what we want when we want it. Because we can and we do. And it shows, Big Time!

    I love it when people’s excuse for being overweight is “I just like the wrong foods”. Well, duh, don’t we all. I also like, “I’m too busy to pay attention to what I eat”. Well, gee, you paid attention when you chose the wrong thing to eat. Or “I just eat out too much”. Gosh, that’s a good one. Why not order the grilled chicken or fish with veggies instead of the hamburger and French fries. And by the way if you are on a mission to lean-ville, by all means chuck the bread and butter basket. My all-time favorite is, “it is just too expensive to eat healthy”. Does this really mean you have to eat frozen pizza, egg rolls and pop tarts? 

    All, All, All excuses to eat, you got it, what they want to eat. No one wants to blame themselves.     

    Sure, I am just like the next person. I love food. I live to eat. I am obsessed with food, hence The Skinny Ass Cookbook. That doesn’t mean I give in to all my fatty food cravings all the time. Before I open my mouth and stick something into it, I make a decision on whether it is a good transaction. There’s that brain working for me. I want to know what I am going to get out of it. Am I simply going to get excess calories and another pound or am I going to benefit from this exchange?

    So my negotiation with myself, about “to eat or not to eat” that thing that I want, becomes a barter system. I don’t always eat the right things, but I consistently do. This allows me the option to splurge when I want to.

    Okay, here it is the key to lean-ville. The trick to healthy eating is to be consistent.

     No big secret here. If you consistently eat right for your body type, you will stay consistently the right weight. You may fluctuate here and there, but over all you won’t join the fatty category. If you learn to cook with less fat, sugar and calories, by just tweaking your recipes, you will be surprised how much you can trim away. Remember every bit counts and it all adds up. Being consistently aware of what you are eating is the recipe to a better you. Start today. Check out the fabulean recipes in the Cooking Skinny Recipes section!

Think smart. Think simple. Think skinny.
                    Be sensational.


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