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The Skinny Ass

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Meet The Skinny Ass Author  
  Tammy is a food fanatic. She loves to eat and she loves to cook. But she loves to keep her “skinny ass” just as much!

  She started her “skinny” cooking many years ago when she owned and operated her own restaurant, The Great Impasta, La Trattoria & Pasta Market in Danville, California. The neighborhood restaurant made just about everything from scratch. Tammy tested and created new recipes continually to add to the menu. With the constant wave of diet crazes, Tammy became inspired. Recipes were created for an array of fat free pastas, sauces, salad dressings and even desserts! During this time Tammy wrote a monthly food column called "The Dining Adventure" for the local newspaper.

 Shortly after opening her restaurant, Tammy’s son was diagnosed with juvenile diabetes when he was ten years old. With that, her cooking changed forever in order to accommodate for his disease and his desire for kid foods. Along with the diabetes, obesity and heart disease run in her family. Tammy decided long ago, that she was not going to fall victim to these types of diseases. Tammy developed a style of cooking that enabled her family to eat lighter, to eat well and still eat the foods they loved.

  To expand Tammy’s food repertoire, she took numerous courses at the California Culinary Academy in San Francisco and the Culinary Institute of America in St. Helena, California.

  After owning her restaurant, Tammy and her husband started a company called Bonkers Performance Teas. They created a line of functional hot teas that help you feel your optimal best everyday. The most popular line is the Super Skinny teas. The development of these were the result of her high school daughter and her friends drinking a popular diet tea that was simply a laxative. Bonkers Super Skinny Teas support weight loss with only healthy and effective ingredients, no laxatives.

 Food and cooking are Tammy’s burning passion. Eating food of course goes hand and hand with both. Tammy’s passion for great food and desire to remain trim offered a bit of a challenge given her genetics and the high caloric content of many foods she loved. Well, they say desperation is the mother of invention. As a result, Tammy has reworked hundreds of recipes over the years to make them "skinny". This cookbook is a collection of those recipes.
The Skinny Ass Cookbook is about real food. The kind of food people eat every day. Through cooking these recipes yourself, you will see how Tammy cut down on unhealthy, unnecessary ingredients and replaced them with body friendly alternatives. Remember everything doesn't have to be fat free and sugar free. It’s about balance. This cookbook can be used as a guide to change your own recipes into skinnylicious delites. By simply learning how to do this, you can eat well and still enjoy your favorite dishes.

 The way Tammy cooks and the way she views food is not a passing fad. It is her lifestyle. Tammy loves everything about food. It is a thirst that is never quenched. Food is part of her heart, her soul and her being. Her goal is to make The Skinny Ass Cookbook an adventure in food. It’s got to be fun and it’s got to be something people can incorporate into their every day. 



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