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The Skinny Ass Fit & Fab Plan

After years of saying that I just needed to lose that extra 5 or 10 lbs, my husband and I finally devised a plan that worked for us. We decided that our weight-loss strategy had to be both simple and doable, but enough to get our bodies to lose those few extra pounds. After all, I am always striving for that Skinny Ass

Our plan was super effective for us and we each trimmed off about 12-14 lbs. This is an easy enough plan for anyone who is truly determined to lose those pesky extra pounds that seem cemented to your body. No secret formulas, counting calories or impossible diet schedules to follow. 

Here's Skinny My Ass Fit & Fab plan

In order for this to plan to be successful, the key is moderation, exercise consistently and have a positive attitude. And remember...mind over mouth!

Follow this plan Monday - Friday.
Weekends eat sensibly for all three meals.

Try to avoid eating anything within 3 hours before bedtime on all days. If you must eat something near bedtime try a slice of turkey (about 50 calories). Protein will help you sleep better and so will the triptophan in the turkey. Drink plenty of water, eliminate alcoholic drinks Monday thru Friday.

If possible, add at least one cup of green tea a day--try the very best smooth tasting Bonkers Extreme Green available on Amazon at:

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Monday - Friday Menu

Breakfast & Lunch:

Eat a healthy breakfast--you know what that means.

Eat a healthy lunch--you know how to do that too.

Eat your last healthy, low-fat and low-sugar, snack by 4:30. Maybe Greek yogurt with Tammy's Granola, (recipe found in The Skinny Ass Cookbook) yum!

Tip: To avoid blood sugar spikes, low blood sugar and cravings, eat a snack every 2-3 hours. Keep them nutritious and eat some protein with your snack to help balance blood sugar levels. If you suffer from anxiety or blood sugar drops, add protein. This will keep your brown fat burning, which in turn gets rid of the bad stuff. It will also prevent you from overeating.

Here's the trick--


Drink a protein smoothie/shake.

I like to add a low-fat, low-sugar muffin that I make from The Skinny Ass Cookbook so I have something to chew. I also munch on celery and baby carrots if I am really desperate. I have even dipped them in mustard for added flavor.

I am addicted to my specialty Hail to the Kale Shake. I try to mix it up and do a kale shake some nights and a fruit shake another night. When I wanted to lose more quickly, I did a shake Monday through Friday. If you want to just do a little slenderizing, try Monday, Wednesday and Fridays eating a light meal on Tuesday and Thursday. This will give you a variety and you will probably have an easier time sticking to your goal.

Note: Remember fruits such as berries, peaches and apricots are lower in sugar than fruits such as pineapple, bananas and mangos. It's good to add a variety, but be mindful.  You can buy a variety of frozen fruits and mixed fruits for smoothies to make it easy at most grocery stores. I find that a 1/2 banana makes the shake creamier.

Recipe for 1 Fruit Shake:

1-2 scoops protein powder (can be vegetable protein) Read serving size
1 dollop Greek non-fat plain yogurt
1/3 - 1/2 cup fresh or frozen fruit, plus 1/2 banana-optional
Crushed ice and water, to your liking
Splenda, to taste

Blend in blender until it is the consistency you want.

Recipe for One Hail to Kale Shake:

1-2 scoops protein powder
1 dollop Greek non-fat plain yogurt
2 handfuls fresh kale leaves, washed and in smaller pieces
4 slices cucumber, hot house preferred, washed and peeled
1/4 apple, washed and cut up
1/2 stalk celery, washed and cut up
Few sprigs parsley, washed
Crushed ice and water to your liking
Blend to desired consistency. Drink up--it's hailish good!

Note: If you find that you need a little something more with your shake for dinner, we added a small low-fat/low-sugar muffin. Try my 
Best Bran Muffins, recipe found in The Skinny Ass Cookbook to help curb your appetite. 

Reached Your Target Goal--Yippee!!!

Time for Maintenance.

Now, that you have lost your targeted weight, you want to continue to adhere to the Skinny My Ass Fit & Fab Plan,  because frankly, you got used to it and eating dinner every night is just too filling.

So spice it up a bit, two nights during the week, eat a
healthy, light soup such as, Cauliflower and Rockin' Broccoli Soup, recipe in The Skinny Ass Cookbook. Avoid soups with high starch content and cream based soups though. If you need something to chew, add a small high fiber muffin and/or a small salad with low-fat or no fat dressing.

There are plenty of delicious recipes in The Skinny Ass Cookbook for you to begin incorporating into your  new skinny lifestyle. Shakes and soups are a great way to trim down, but let's face it, eventually like all good things, you will want something new and something with more chew! That is why I wrote my cookbook!

      Now, go for it! Make your body a skinny ass-et!  

     "You Bet Your Sweet Ass Nutrition Tip of the Week" 

Many of you may say, "Well, there are only 16 calories a teaspoon in regular sugar. I am only adding a little bit and it doesn't sound all that bad."

But... there are 3 teaspoons in a tablespoon and 16 tablespoons in a cup. Now, you're talking about:

Granulated White Sugar:
768 calories per cup
Brown sugar:
829 calories per cup
Turbinado/Raw Sugar:
528 calories per cup 
Agave Nectar/Syrup:
960 calories per cup
Honey: 1030 calories per cup

So how many calories will you save when using Splenda instead of sugar?

I know what you are thinking...Splenda isn't so-called natural and sugar is. This is your justification to keep on keepin' on with the sugar. Well, is it nature's intention that 2/3rds of our population including kids be obese? And mind you, that statistic is on the rise.

For the time being, there is an alternative that offers us a way to control and indulge ourselves at the same time. Is that not the perfect All American option? 

For me, it has meant going the Splenda route because I would rather keep my skinny ass. In other words, I would like to bake my cake and eat it too. However, I do believe in moderation and that includes using Splenda. I use a lot of stevia as well, but have not experimented with it for cooking. That will be my next cookbook. Without further ado, your Splenda tip...

Splenda or Splenda Blend work great in place of sugar. Splenda has 2 calories a teaspoon, about 96 calories a cup. Splenda Blend has about half the calories of both brown and granulated sugar.

Splenda works well as a cup for cup substitute, but sometimes in baking you will lose volume and the texture will be denser.

Splenda Blend is a mixture of regular sugar and Splenda, so tends to preserve the integrity of what you are making. When a recipe calls for sugar and you substitute Splenda Blend, you use half as much. In other words, if the recipe calls for a cup of sugar, you will use 1/2 a cup of the Blend. 

If you want to control how much Splenda you use and how much sugar, like I do, I sometimes use a small amount of sugar, like ¼ cup and the rest Splenda. This usually results in good volume and texture.

If you want to eliminate all sugar and use all Splenda, there are a couple things that have worked for me that will produce optimal results. 

  • Use potato starch, usually about ¼-1/3 cup, in place of some of the flour.
  • Another trick is Splenda recommends for baked goods that you add ½ cup nonfat dry milk powder and ½ teaspoon baking powder for every cup of Splenda you use. Check the baking time 7-10 minutes prior to original recipe for cakes and 3-5 minutes for cookies.
Stay tuned for the continuation of the Big Sugar Debate. For now, "Skinny" never tasted so sweet!

       Think Smart, Think Simple, Think Skinny.
                         Be Sensational.

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